Tales of a Road Warrior – Watching the Cleveland Browns 760 Miles Away!

With the CableFreeUSA.com’s 2017 Cable Cutting Rig I was able to live stream the Cleveland Browns’ first 2017 Preseason game in Hilton Head, SC. The antenna in my attic caught the signal, TabloTV device monitored the signal and streamed it over the internet to the Amazon TV that I brought with me.

On a technical note the TabloTV had to be configured (via one checkbox on the settings page) to provide content over the internet, and my Amazon TV’s TabloTV app had to be paired with the TabloTV once on my local home network.

I set my streaming on TabloTV to 3GB and I had excellent video quality signal 760 miles away from my antenna.

Bundling a ‘Huge Deterrent’ to Cord Cutting?


I call B.S. on this story. More and more people are abandoning the cable box. OTA is rising again, and YouTube content producers are making a ton of cash. What’s REALLY happening is a whole generation of users (those in high school and younger) are consuming content through YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. You can shift two speed tiers up on your internet cable and decrease your cost by half.