After Cutting the Cable Cord: How to Watch Fox News?

A friend of mine asked me about Fox News viewing options after cutting the cord. Fox News has a very nice app that is available for Amazon Fire TV. All shows seem to be posted a few hours after initial broadcast. Each show is broken down into individual segments and can be scanned through easily or watched consecutively. This is actually a very interesting development in the evolution of content programming. I’m not sure how Fox News actually makes money on this service at this time because there are no commercials. We’re in the 3rd inning of this transition away from cable proper to smart devices and the Internet. Enjoy this commercial-free golden age of programming consumption!

Additionally, Fox News posts their clips on their YouTube channel. As I’ve mentioned before, the family has shifted a considerable amount of time to YouTube. YouTube does inject 15 second commercials periodically and longer commercials that can be skipped after 5 seconds.

YouTube Content

Our family has found that we watch much more interesting content targeted to our specific tastes through YouTube. We probably spend at least a 1/2 hour a day watching programming from YouTube channels. The content is placed directly on YouTube from the big media networks, independent networks and organizations, and even PBS.

I find myself spending time watching interesting cooking shows that have totally replaced my FoodTV viewing from Zagat, Munchies, Molto Mario, Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsey’s personal channels. The gate keepers have left the building, and these organizations are embracing the power and reach of the Internet!

With YouTube, you can follow your favorite music artists, painters, and travel hosts – again – directly from the source.

The kids use YouTube to watch videos on their favorite games, or science experiments, and show and tell videos on their favorite crafts.

You don’t need to cut cable to try this out. Experiment with a week or two of streaming content from YouTube through your streaming device’s app. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what’s available.

P.S. I even streamed Donald Trump’s thank you tour stops LIVE via YouTube. Very cool!