Can I Get Local Channels Without Cable?


Many younger people, who have grown up with Cable TV all of their lives, have never considered that broadcast TV is available for free!

In most metropolitan areas, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS all transmit digital TV for free. All you need is a digital antenna to pick the digital signals.

But you’ll probably want to go further and set up an OTA DVR to record your favorite shows and watch them at convenient times.

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Start Here to Get Rid of Cable

Why Get Rid of Cable?

If you’ve ever had these thoughts, this site is for you:

  • They Keep Raising My Fee Every Six Months
  • I’m Not Watching MOST Of These Channels
  • I’m Paying Fees for the Cable Boxes, DVRs, and Cable Modem!! This Stuff Adds Up
  • $120 / mo. for Cable?!  C’mon Man!!
  • I’m sick of paying my money to ESPN, Oprah, FoxNews, etc. to promote their agenda.

My family was in the same boat. Additionally my children found themselves using their computers and devices (phones, tablets, etc.) interacting with content that they were interested in. They played games, interacted with friends via MineCraft, watched videos that taught them things they wanted to learn.

Frankly, the internet fulfills the promise of what TV was supposed to be!

Live Sports

There were two words that made me nervous, and may make you nervous too – Live Sports.

If you notice, billionaires like Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer have acquired sports teams, because they know that content is king. Live sports is the last bastion of collecting money from advertisers.


Watching live NFL is easy because games are broadcast over OTA TV. Catching that content can be accomplished through the implementation of the Cable Cutting Rig.

The Monday Night Football games are on ESPN. Thursday night football games are on NFL Network. The ESPN games can be watched with a Sling.TV subscription, if desired. I find that a couple of recorded OTA games per week are enough for me.


If you are out of your favorite team’s blackout market, you can easily watch your team through MLB.TV or NBA’s League Pass. Both leagues make watching live home games more difficult (to protect their local cable stations and advertisers), but it’s not technically impossible.


Sling.TV provides access to ESPN and TBS, and makes for a great option during MLB and NBA playoff time, as well as NFL Monday night football games. I purchased a month’s worth of Sling.TV to watch my Cleveland Indians 2016 playoff and World Series run.

Latest TV Shows

Many new TV shows are still produced by the big four networks and are broadcast OTA. Our cable cutting rig will ensure that you catch, time-shift, and fast forward through commercials of your favorite shows.


If you look closely on your DVR, you will notice that the vast majority of cartoons are repeats. If your children are under 6, they will tend to watch a lot of PBS cartoon content. Why pay a cable bill for cartoons? It is more cost effective to sign up for Amazon Prime and Netflix per month to get some cartoons and stream the rest of the content from PBS Kids. Mix this in with the tried and true DVD purchases (used on Amazon Prime or Ebay) and the DVD rentals from the library, and your children will be happy. Besides, a lot of the Disney and Nickelodeon live action content content is morally questionable that is presented to pre-teens. Teens don’t actually watch it.

History Channel & Discovery Channel

These two channels were made by cable packages. They generate a lot of addicting reality TV. You may be able to find some of these shows from a few years ago on Netflix, and may find the latest shows for pay on Amazon. Take a History Channel and Discovery Channel diet for a year or two as new programming appears on Netflix and Amazon. You won’t miss these shows. They are filler in between ads.

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Take a look at our cable cutting rig to get an idea on how to take action, capture OTA broadcasts, and stream Netflix and Amazon to your TVs.