What is Over The Air (OTA) TV?

Over The Air (OTA) TV

Receiving local channels without cable can be achieved through the use of either an indoor or outdoor antenna. This is abbreviated as ‘OTA’ and is differentiated from ‘streaming’ which is how Amazon and Netflix send shows to your device that is connected to your TV.

From the invention of TV until cable transmissions, OTA was the only way to get content to your TV.

The Place for OTA in a Cable Cutting Rig

Broadcast TV still provides a lot of television options. Local news and weather are broadcast as well as local and national NFL games, national NBA games, and new network and PBS programming. Couple this with OTA DVR equipment, and over half of the content that you watched through your subscription is available.

A Note on Signal Quality

Back in the day (70’s and 80’s) I remember the sometimes grainy transmissions that would be received, and that would be highly affected by weather, like wind, snow and rain, as well as (sometimes distant) thunderstorms. While these external factors are still in play, they affect the digital signal far less than the older analog tech.

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